Monday, September 6, 2010

Hand Mind Cordination

Its an argument that has existed since the beginging of humankind's art making. Or at the least a contrasting opinion that has long been pondered. And that is what is more important when it comes to art making; craft-the time, skill, and attention given to a work with the workers own hands or content- what is being said with in the work, what is being communicated with the subject. Everyone expresses their feelings on this. Entire schools base entire philosophies around what they feel to be more of a focus. Artists even base their entire careers upon how they feel in this regards.
Personally i feel and know that it is possible to find a fair balance between the two. Duchamp's "Fountain" made it clear that art does not necessarily need to be of the artist's hand to carry the ideas clearly. Then there are sequential narrators such as Chris Ware, whose work appears to be almost mechanical. But craft or lack there of can always lend itself to the content or intent of the entire piece can it not? The work of the mind and that of the hands work......hand in hand....(boooo) Either way they need each other.

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