Thursday, September 2, 2010

Film Adaptations

The past few years have been good for comics and graphic novels. The growing interest and the ever expanding variation of style makes for excellent entertainment. New things are being tried, so new possibilities are being acknowledged. We've come to see that comics are not just the newspaper funnies or super hero oriented, but can have actual developed stories that are more relate able and for more mature audiences. From stories like Scott Pilgrim by Brian Lee O'Malley to David Mazuchelli's Asterios Polyp there is a huge spectrum of story and character that any person can cling to.
So most recently, of course, many graphic novels have been adapted into film. Movies like Kick-Ass, which seems to be more or less of a good marketing plan, and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World have proved that comic style lends itself well to the film medium. Then there are movies like Ghost World and American Splendor. These express beautifully the seriousness and the strong character development that is a possibility. So great things can take place with graphic novels and film. Fight Club is no longer the adaptation standard.

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