Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So it turns out that either im terrible with photo manipulation or my peers actually are monsters.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Target: Divided American Colonies
Source: Dismembered Snake
Ground: Need all of its parts to thrive
Tension: group of many v. individual

Target: Generated Ideas
Source: Lit bulb
Ground: Enlightened (physically and intellectually)
Tension: internal v. external

Target: Sexual intercourse
Source: Trains and Tunnels
Ground: Penetration
Tension: Transportation v. Reproductive

Target: Thinking
Source: Hamster wheel spinning.
Ground: Energy generating.
Tension: Abstract thought v. exercise
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Target: Global warming
Source: Grill
Ground: hot
Tension: Silly Mr. Fuchs you cant eat the earth.

Target: Speech
Source: Guns
Ground: Painfull
Tension: Physical v. Emotional
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Visual Metaphor

Target: night stand
Source: train
Ground: travel
Tension: stationary v. mobile

Target: ink well
Source: Man
Ground: source of inspiration/ mark makers
Tension: user v. tool

Target: Groceries
Source: military tank
Ground: excessive cost
Tension: necessary v. the harmful
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